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Kettering House – Briar Rose Inn

This is now a beautiful bed and breakfast in the historic downtown area. My brother and his wife stayed there over Thanksgiving and loved it. One of those places you visit once and decide, “Yep, going to do this again.” Jon and I went today to talk to Sally (the owner) and had a wonderful time talking to her, taking a tour of the house and learning about all the work that went into restoring it. You can read the history of the house here.

More Information:
The Briar Rose Inn

The Briar Rose Inn
314 West 11th St
WA 98660



Catholic eCards and Faith Based Web Design

So it has almost been two months since I stopped sending out a weekly message. But the New Year is well on its way and I am off to a new start.

I have several pots on the stove, all bubbling merrily away. The main thing about these pots (figuratively speaking) is that they are possible ways for me to have fun, interact with friends and hopefully create an income. That last seems to be a necessary factor in life. Two of the pots are Catholic and one pot is Vancouver based. Here they are.

Catholic eCards

Catholic eCards. So I keep going back to doing this. Over and over because it just seems to be where I gravitate the most. I have started a new site and will be adding at least one new card a day. Subscribe to a daily ecard. This doesn’t contribute to my income but hopefully it will build some exposure and it does keep me working my brain with code and images and all the things that are helpful for the next bubbling pot which is . . .

Faith Based Web Design

Faith Based Web Design

Faith Based Web Design – After getting asked to do a web site for a religious federation back in October I have decided to reach out and see if any other monasteries, churches, etc. would like help getting their site up to date and mobile responsive. If you know of anyone who wants their site updated or a brand new one I’m free to get started right away. My turn around is two months for a brand new site or couple weeks for an update.

And finally . . .

Vancouver Welcome Gift Baskets – this is still in the pondering stage. Have been thinking about it for some time and starting to pull things together and see if this is something I would like to do, can do and if there is an interest for it.

So three different bubbling pots. I may do one or two or maybe all three.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year! Love to hear from you in the comments.