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Camas Post Office

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Camas Post Office

This small but beautiful brick post office was built in 1939 as a Public Works Project (WPA). When you enter the lobby to the right look up and you will see an interesting mural that was commissioned by the New Deal arts program at the same time.
“The mural, entitled Beginning of a New World, focuses on the land and Northwest resources.Β The mural depicts Northwest settlers and a Native American woman as well as local industries of lumber, dairying, fruit and grain, and fishing.”
HistoryLink.org Essay 9455

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Miracles are still happening

This was so cute just had to share. Jon is the “ongoing” miracle in my life. πŸ™‚

Did you ever read the book called, “Miracles Do Happen,” by Briege McKenna? Seems like it was published a million years ago (though I just checked and it was 2002). Anyway I loved the book at the time. One of those almost too good to be true kind of books that used to pick me up in the monastery. Surprisingly, this last week it seems like I have had a small bumper crop of tiny miracles myself.

My own little set of miracles

All of them “financial” which in my current state is most appreciated.

First I got an inquiry to do a web site. That is very exciting because I love doing websites.

Next, I got a letter from the Oregon Unclaimed funds office that I had some money owed me. This was back in July I think. I wasn’t sure it was legit but I filled out the paperwork, took it to my bank to get it notarized and looked over and they said I was good to go. So several months later (last week) I got another letter that states I am going to get a check for $1400. Wow! How exciting is that? When I filled out the paperwork the only thing it said was that the amount was over $100. No idea where this unclaimed money came from. Scratching my head about it. Hoping it might state something when it actually arrives.

Then I got my first check from Hallmark for 24 books sold and another small check from a local book store for six books sold. Whoopee. The combined amount was not over a hundred dollars, but I am “so” not complaining.

And finally I was looking at my credit statement and I saw that I had all these points from using my credit card and I could redeem them for about $200. Wow. Another surprise out of the blue.

Since my accounts were wheezing, sneezing and gasping for funds these little surprises were like tiny miracles. Thank you God!

Okay, I know that they are not “total, bonafide” miracles but for me they are. Especially since they all kind of came together in a short amount of time. Very nice. Very appreciated.

I hope your week is full of miracles too. Lots of them. In every way possible.

Please share your miracles. Would love to hear them.