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No Historic Site this week as I spent all my time making the video for last week. That’s the way it goes.

Video of Vancouver Post Office [2:09]

Link to article

Here it is – Online Version: Former Spy, nun to put Vancouver’s history in a word search book

Print Version: Has more pictures and more fun – which is why I made it into a pdf.  [pdf-embedder url=”http://exploringvancouverusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/columbian-news-artilce-10-8-17.pdf” title=”columbian news artilce 10-8-17″]

Ha! Bet you didn’t know I was a former spy did you? Well obviously can’t tell everything on a blog. And it WAS a bit of a stretch to say I was a spy – more like a communication sneak person. Intercepting communication bursts and decoding them from safe little spots in Iceland and Germany. I thought it would be totally exciting work and it was totally not. So much for being a spy. I do not recommend it.

I don’t know why I keep getting mentally roped into things I am sure will be exciting and then turn out to be as humdrum as life experiences anywhere. Such a disappointment sometimes. Right now I am having as exciting a life as I ever hoped to have and there is nothing glamorous, spectacular or amazing about it. Every day life with a wonderful partner, a couple of dogs and a cat. Let’s hear it for being ORDINARY.

And I just spent a great time at the Oregon coast with my sister Barb and family. Very fun. Jon and I flew my kite and now I have him convinced (YES!) that he needs a kite as well. So in the near future we are going to take a day trip back to Newport, Oregon and get him a kite. Then we can fly high together.

Now I am back in my office trying to stay focused and get some work done. Lots of luck with that.